PVC Two Cavity Pipe Extrusion Machine

PVC Two Cavity Pipe Extrusion Machine
(1) Method: The mouth and core mold can be replaced.
(2) The mold material is made of quenched and tempered 45# steel or 2Cr13 steel, and the internal runner is treated with hard chromium plating, which has strong corrosion resistance; the appearance is beautiful, generous and does not rust.
(3) The sizing sleeve of the mold is made of alloy copper. The connecting flange is made of 45# hard chrome plating.
(4) The mold heating ring adopts stainless steel mica heating ring, which has low power loss, stable heating and long service life.
(5) The standard parts use 12.9-grade high-strength screws to ensure the overall performance of the extrusion die.

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